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Advertising Information

We do one podcast every Thursday during the football season, a live youtube broadcast 15 mins after every single Arsenal game & usually a new blog every Tuesday.

So far in 2016 we have published 21 podcasts, 26 radio shows & 19 blogs :
May 2016 – 3 podcasts, 2 radio shows & 4 blogs
April 2016 – 4 podcasts, 6 radio shows & 4 blogs
March 2016 – 5 podcasts, 6 radio shows & 2 blogs
February 2016 – 5 podcasts, 6 radio shows & 2 blogs
January 2016 – 4 podcasts, 6 radio shows & 7 blogs

Over the last three years we have had lots of emails offering us advertising opportunities and we have always said no so we have decided to make it easier for people who might want to advertise with us if we listed what we will not do and could possibly do.

We will not do
Put adverts in blogs.
Advertise anything to do with betting or pornography.

We might do
Do an unscripted chit chat about your product like Joe Rogan & Mysterious Universe do at the start of their shows or the middle or even the end of our Podcasts and Radio Shows.
Put advert banners on our site.

Our ideal sponsors would be companies like Audible, Squarespace & Cornerstone, you know stuff that will not annoy people as podcast listeners are so fed up of adverts for betting companies as I listen to 20-30 podcasts a week like (The Joe Rogan Experience, Tuesday Club, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, StarTalk Radio, Football Weekly, Common Sense With Dan Carlin, Mysterious Universe, Arseblog, The Nerdist, Bertcast’s Podcast, The Glenn Beck Program, Penn’s Sunday School, Louder With Crowder, Answer Me This, The Game Podcast & a few more and have done for many years so I have heard my fair share of podcast adverts.

Our Stats

Web Site Hits – 7,645,026 (June 2013 to May 2016)

YouTube Listens – 327,139 (July 2013 to May 2016)
YouTube Subscribers – 2,784

Soundcloud Listens – 247,485 (October 2013 to May 2016)
Soundcloud Subscribers – 752

Our Podcasts with the most listens

27,426 – 010 (31st August 2013)
25,766 – 069 (1st September 2014)
19,528 – 118 (1st September 2015)
18,565 – 015 (6th October 2013)
11,462 – 114 (6th August 2015)
10,916 – 112 (4th June 2015)
10,452 – 064 (7th August 2014)

Please note that we are 2 blokes who do this for fun, we are not a company, we have no money so any payments you give us MUST be as a donation to our podcast.