Fancy Donating To Our Podcast (or Kris’s Barbican Pirates)

If anyone runs a company that sells PC’s and you want to sponsor the podcast then Danny could do with a new PC as his is a 5 year old i5 and its seen better days, we get maybe 4 or 5 emails a month asking if we want to be sponsored but its always from betting companies and betting companies and we as a podcast do not want to promote betting, not for any reason other than they prey on people who can not afford it far too often.


We have no idea what to give away

A night of passion with John & his crabs?
Live in Dannys shed for a month?
Karl could use his posh train announcer voice and talk a bit sexy?
Shave Kris’s head and keep the hair to stuff a voo-doo doll of kris?
Adopt Josh as he hasn’t seen daylight since 1962?
Sit on Goonerholics knee and he will read one of his blogs to you?
Spend the day as one of Geoff Arsenals dogs?
A night out on the town with Jason (this will end up with Jason giving you a big Welsh man hug)?
Ellis could plaster cast any of your limbs to get a few weeks off of work?
Fyffe could let you see his dungeon which is full of gold bars?
Rev Raj could remove all your sins you have accumulated so far in life?


This is how you can send us money so that it does not cost us money

1 – Log into your PayPal account

2 – Follow these instructions

3 – Send money to

Things we need to raise money for are web site hosting, domain name costs, new equipment like headsets or HD web cameras to do the ABW Radio shows with and the occasional After Dark show (as there are 18 of us this has been adding up).