015 – Sex Noises, Cheddars & Pies (3rd October 2013)

As usual our midget host Lord Gimli (@GoonerGimli) will be applying anasol to his poorly botty and he is joined by :

G.C (@SheWore). Just don’t call him ‘STRUTTER’.
From : She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

Steve (@Lordhillwood). Getting ready for the Polish winter by stock piling his minges.

Raj (@rajpatel1809). On an emergency call up at very short notice after scoffing his dinner down at an alarming rate.

Jules (@Riderofrohan). Making his debut on the podcast after being a bit of a pikie legend at OnlineArsenal.com.

Danny (@The_GFP). No one told him pain killers make you constipated.
From : The Highbury Inn

We start this podcast with the usual round up of youth & ladies football results. Next up we have a chat about the win at Swansea City and how Jack Wilshere is struggling to fit in with so many other players playing so well. Next its time to discus the 2-0 win against Napoli and that stunning first 25 mins as we all drool about that nights performance & a quick mention on Klopp & the Dortmund keepers upcoming bans.

We next talk a bit about the terrible situation at ‘Piebury Corner’ with the recent incident with Napoli fans. We then move on to Wengers contract and whether he should get a new one now, never or at the end of the season.

Then its time for questions from twitter and finally some shout outs and news on future podcasts.

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This podcast contains explicit language not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

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