021 – Sagna’s Balls & Pillow Rice Made Me A Bendtner (14th November 2013)

The Artist Formerly Known As Lord Gimli (@GoonerGimli) the fish murdering genocidal maniac is joined by :

G.C (@shewore). Still refusing to come out of the closet until someone pre warms his slippers.
From : She Wore

Steve (@Lordhillwood). Has been busy ordering his XXL thermal Y-Fronts as winter is coming.
From : Lord Hillwood

FK (@fkhanage). Refusing to answer any questions about his sordid love life.

Danny (@The_GFP). High on hot sauce.
From : The Highbury Inn

And no Geoff as he has pulled a sicky to go watch the boxing.

Tonight we are all in mourning after the shitty loss at that shit hole in manc-chester so we talk a bit about that, Danny does a round up of the Arsenal results for the Ladies & Youths, we discuss the ticket price situation in some depth, then Danny reveals his Podolski stats to shock the footballing world.

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This podcast contains mild language not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

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