036 – Sanogo a ‘No No’ or a ‘Go Go’ (20th February 2014)

Lord Gimli (@GoonerGimli) is joined by :

Steve (@Lordhillwood).
From : Lord Hillwood

Geoff (@GeoffArsenal).

Daniel Cowan (@TheDanielCowan)
From : North London Is Red
From : Goonersphere Podcast

Danny (@The_GFP)
From : The Highbury Inn

First up we discuss the FA Cup game v Liverpool followed by ‘Ozil Watch’ & Girouds sexual antics and then a quick chat about the next round game v Everton. Next we talk about the Bayern Munich game and discuss the many talking points that the game had from Sanogo to the missed penalty to Ozil.

After this we talk about social media and how easy it is now to have a go at a player and how much of it actually goes on even from one Arsenal fan to another. Then we all have a chat about how much grief we get doing our two podcasts and the number of mental cases on twitter all too quick to give it but get the hump when they have to take it.

We round off this podcast with questions from Facebook, Twitter & eMail followed by predictions & shout outs.

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This podcast contains lots of naughty words that could cause minors to ask questions

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