071 – In Dortmund No One Can Hear You Scream

FK (@fkhanage) has abducted Gimli by leaving a trail of my little pony heads and has now locked him up in a secret tower in a land far far away and tonight is joined by :

Jason (@jasondavies71).

Kris (@AFCfreddie8).
From : Barbican Pirates FC

Andrew (@PR_WhoRu).

Danny (@The_GFP).
From : The Highbury Inn

This weeks shout outs :

FK – Woz The Gooner (@wozthegooner)

Jason – Jonas Guttierez (Newcastle Utd Player)

Kris – John Colton (@John_colton) & Greg Birch (@GregBirch1982)

Andrew – Mark King (@mzk90) & Steven Neighbour (@sjneighbour)

Danny – The birthday boys : Ellis Mehl (@EllisMehl), Raj (@rajpatel1809) & Sol Campbell (@SolManOfficial)

Facebook competition winner was :

Duncan Rowe (He wins an autographed Sol Campbell biography)

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With FK in charge there wont be much swearing as he beats us with his Armani flip-flops.

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