093 – 2015 Transfer Deadline Day Parts 1-5 (2nd February 2015)

On todays 5 TDD podcast you will hear :

Stevie @Stevie_Hurst
Gimli @GoonerGimli
Kris @AFCfreddie8
Geoff @GeoffArsenal
Tim @timjbharg
Gimli @GoonerGimli
Danny @The_GFP
Jake @JakeArsenal1
Dom @ozgooner49
Raj @rajpatel1809
John @jwelsh84
Dom @ozgooner49
Jason @JasonDavies71
Bex @bexington49
GC @SheWore

Problems using either of the two media players, try these :

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Right Click Here then “Save link as” for .mp3

We are all know official sick and tired of transfers (or the lack of them).

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