A Bergkamp Wonderland : 345 – Danny’s Podcast Debut In Nov 2012

I made my podcast debut in November 2012 with a podcast that no longer exists called “The Steves Bald Collective” owned by a bloke called Steve and his mate Ray. I heard the show in October 2012 and they were asking for guests so i tweeted them and they let me go on the show. It is so weird hearing my self moaning about Wenger and the owners almost 8 long years ago.

This was 2012 and the audio has background hissing, a regular little thump, a dog barking and a phone going off, none of that would make it past me now but back in 2012 i think this was 1 of only 4 or 5 Arsenal podcasts that existed.

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Get On With It, Get Dooooown Dog.


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*WARNING – Contains strong language (Probably not suitable for children or under 18’s)

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