Fantasy Football

2016/17 Champion
Frank Mundal (Xhakaattack) with 2,416 points

2015/16 Champion
Paul Whyte (No more Zeroes) with 2,337 points

2014/15 Champion
They deleted the league before we could look and see who won

2013/14 Champion
Steve The Rödgers (@steve_rodgers86)

Every season we will automatically invite everyone who was in the previous seasons league so if you were in it you don’t have to join again

Go to
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Build your team (You must build a team first)
Click on ‘Create and join leagues’
Click on ‘Join private league’
Enter code 917355-224144
Remember you have unlimited transfers until the 1st day of the season on

In season one (2013/14) we said no spurzzz & Manc Utd players and this was ignored so for season two we said do what ever you want but we will shun you like a smell leper if you use spurzzz & Manc Utd players but for season three just do what you want.

Unlike other sites we dont offer prizes, rewards or any other such stuff, we will every now and then talk about it on the Podcast and tweet the top teams if we remember.

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