My First Entry! A New Bergkamp Wonderland Blogger

By Jake (@JakeArsenal1)

My First Entry! A New Bergkamp Wonderland Blogger

So after months of negotiations, zero speculation and on a free transfer, I’ve joined the “A Bergkamp Wonderland” team. A relative unknown, the kind of transfer some will question, but in good time will think of me more a Koscielny than a Sanogo. I’m joking of course.

I think it’s only fitting that I join a team that pays tribute to mine and a lot of people’s favourite player of all time in an Arsenal shirt, the one and only Dennis Bergkamp.

Growing up with a Dutch grandfather (who was an Ajax fan), I heard all the stories of Cryuff, Neeskens and the incredible Ajax team of the 70’s. Even players like Van Basten, Overmars and many more, having my ears stuffed with talk of brilliant Dutch footballers, you’d think that would swing me to become an Ajax fan. But in Dennis it was the player I liked most. And not Ajax.

I also grew fond of the late David “Rocky” Rocastle. It was Rocky who was the first Arsenal player I liked, but when my idol Dennis moved to Arsenal, that was it for me. I knew what team I liked and it’s true, Dennis is the one who made me fall in love with this club.

Growing up in Australia, all we had to view football from my young age was the channel SBS on Saturdays and Sundays. Conveniently for me, they did show Arsenal and English league highlights. Along with loads or Serie A which bored me to death at the time. To say at my tender child years, I was watching Arsenal week to week would be a lie.

But as I grew, I always knew what was happening and never lost touch with the club and in my teen years I kept on following and now, living in South East Asia, in the age of high-speed Internet and satellite television, I can honestly say I’ve missed I believe 5 live games in 8 years. A 4:30am Capital one cup game against the Wigan’s and Sheffield United’s of this world wouldn’t deter the fact I had work the next morning at 9am. Arsenal was all I needed.

Much like all of you loyal readers I was along for all the drama of the last decade and more. I’ve laughed, screamed, chewed my nails off as we score a last minute winner in the league at home to the Wolverhampton’s, Aston Villa’s and more of the Premier League lesser lights.

I woke my neighbours as I yelled at the top of my lungs when Arshavin scored the winner against Barcelona at home. I’ve been there and will be for many more late night kick off’s.

And as for Spurs? Let’s leave them to one side, like we have done for the better part of two decades. It’s an absolute pleasure to team up with and write with the lads here and I hope this will be as enjoyable for the readers as it is for me.

In the coming days I’ll have a bit regarding the upcoming few games, transfers and more.

So until then, thanks for popping in to see what I’m all about and I’ll be back again very soon.

Thank you again to everyone at ‘A Bergkamp Wonderland’. It’s truly an honour to write for and work alongside some truly passionate Gooners like myself.


Jake (@JakeArsenal1)

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