012 – “The Live Gooner Phone In, Well Almost Live” (12th September 2013)

As usual our ginger host Lord Gimli (@GoonerGimli) who is still an angry little dwarf but he is joined by :

Steve (@LordHillwood). Bracing himself for the Arctic winter which is due to hit Poland any day now.
From : Lord Hillwood’s Blog

Raj (@rajpatel1809). A man who will one day take on our very own FK for the chocolaty voice world title.

Danny (@The_GFP). Still the only one not to use the C word on a podcast.
From : The Highbury Inn

Plus the 5 minute guests (In no particular order) :

Alonzo Spencer (@MrLonsterRobot)

Byrce Larsen (@BLarsenAFC1886)

Fin (@Fin1886)

Matt Collins (@mattcollins97)

Jack Carey (@Jack_Carey369)

Jöe Giggs Curran V (@JoeGiggs91)

Pete Gööner (@thepagooner)

JP Thompson (@stlgunner)


Possibly James ‘Raul’ Stokes (@_ArmchairGooner) but we are not to sure if it was him or not

This week we start the podcast with a round up of the Arsenal players during the international break. Then we move onto the live questions from some podcast follower live on skype. We end the podcast with the usual predictions and some shout outs and thats your lot.

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This podcast contains VERY VERY VERY explicit language not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

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