Arsene’s Renewal

By Dyllan Munro (@goonerdyllan)

Word around the town is that Arsenal are preparing to offer a new 2 year contract for the manager. Some are overjoyed at this development whilst other consider the idea completely abstruse. I must admit that I ,as one of the former, am pleasantly chuffed if this turns out to be true.

Many will no doubt disagree with me but I am of the opinion that since Wenger excelled in the transitional period from Highbury to Emirates then he should be allowed to enjoy the rewards of an escalation in our financial fire-power. He proved that he is an apotheosis in terms of operating on budget so he should have the chance, after having his reputation besmirched and insulted, to prove that he can be the man to lead us forward into a new age of Arsenal domination.

I am aware that Arsene has his detractors and this is indeed partially his fault as his cavalier, misanthropic attitude tends to irritate even the most ardent Arsenal supporters at times. While some of his opponents proved themselves to be nothing more than a stain on society, with typical quotes like” “Wenger should get cancer if he no buy Ronaldo” others proved themselves to be fully functioning human beings capable of making intelligent points, such as “If Arsenal have the resources there why hasn’t he spent them?”.

It should be pointed out that just because you have some resources available doesn’t mean you should spend the whole lot. Also please remind me how Stoke, Aston Villa and QPR all won the league after going and blowing lots of money. The gradual build up of a cash reserve until our sponsorship deals, which were severely reduced to assist building the stadium, were up for renewal will allow Arsenal to consistently chase players of the highest quality, like Mesut Fucking Özil.

The Germans invaded Russia before they were ready and whilst resources were focused elsewhere and look how well that turned out for them. If you aren’t up to scratch on your history I’ll fill you in, it initially went well then they ended up getting arseraped and subsequently lost the war.

Another point made is Arsene struggles to attract top-quality player to the Emirates. That particular rumour was smashed out the air by our new German, who named our multi-lingual boss as one of the primary factors in him deciding to join the Gunners. He stated that Arsene’s plans, ambitions, dreams and desires were conveyed to him over the phone and at the end of the conversation he was so hopelessly in love with Wenger he stated that “He would have joined Arsenal for free”.

Unfortunately for us, Real Madrid didn’t offer that option. Although at the time he was probably unheard of in England, when Santi joined he was very highly rated in Spain and had previously turned down Real Madrid. With a player of Özil’s quality it also makes it a lot easier to convince players to join.

Before you say that Arsenal are a big enough club to entice anyone to join regardless of the manager look at Man Utd. They are one of the biggest clubs in the world, a commercial behemoth, with a bigger stadium and the current champions with many more recent successes than us yet with David Moyes in charge they ended up with only Fellaini. Who was their 4,583,285th choice slightly ahead of Francis Jeffers and Richard The Lion heart.

We are also one refereeing travesty away from a 100% record so far this season and we don’t face anyone of note till November, with Liverpool(H) then Man Utd(A). If our squad stays reasonably fit then it is entirely conceivable that we could be top of the league come Christmas. Then lets see how many people doubted the boss and how much Suarez wants to stay at Liverpool…

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Dyllan Out.

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