023 – 6 Points, No Sleeves & Bendtner’s Going Down (28th November 2013)

G Diddy (@GoonerGimli) the man-flu riddled gimp is joined by :

G.C (@shewore). Delighted to be invited to be a guest on the ‘FK Show’.
From : She Wore

FK (@fkhanage). Now slightly to big for his size 5 boots.

Aaron (@thesavagegooner). Making his debut on the show and has had all his jabs so should be fine.

Danny (@The_GFP). Knows where Santa hides his ‘who’s been naughty or nice’ list.
From : The Highbury Inn

Tonight we start off with a round up of the results from the youths & Ladies, then we try out the new ‘BONG’ section after which we discus the 2-0 wins over Southampton & Marseille and also the outstanding for of players like Ramsey, Giroud, Wilshere & The BFG. We then move on to Twitter questions of which there are quite a lot, next up is the predictions and finally we give out best wishes to Pat Rice. We deliberately left off a song at the end.

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This podcast contains mild language not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

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