026 – The Return Of The #ABW Magnificent 7 Christmas Special (22nd December 2013)

*When we say magnificent 7 we are saying that tongue in cheek before someone points out thats a wanky thing to say about ourselves*

G Diddy (@GoonerGimli) the man who was expelled from Santa’s grotto for crimes against trumpets in 1931 is joined by :

G.C (@shewore). The Man, The Legend.
From : She Wore

FK (@fkhanage). Has a santa hat hidden under his pillow for his midnight naked rambles.

Steve (@Lordhillwood). By the grace of the God’s he is still with us for his 185th Christmas.
From : Lord Hillwood

Geoff (@GeoffArsenal). He knows where the mice pies are and is keeping it to himself.

Danny (@The_GFP). Hoping for a BMX & an action man for Christmas.
From : The Highbury Inn

Tonight we start off with a quick chat about the Manchester City 6-3 Arsenal game then we talk about the up coming Arsenal v Chelsea match this Monday night. Next we talk about Jack Wilshere’s 2 game ban and then drift around a few subjects and then a few quick predictions, GC & Steve make a few points about the recent 3% season ticket price rise.

Following this we make up some awards and make up some winners and some are serious (GC & Gimli), some are just bollocks. Then we all eat some Christmas cake and fall asleep in front of the fire while uncle Steve reads us some traditional Christmas stories.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year you cheeky monkeys.

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This podcast contains VERY strong language not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

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