027 – The 2013 Out Takes, Fuck Ups & Goofs Xmas Special (26th December 2013)

This is a special podcast made up of all the bits you did not hear for various reasons but mainly because we chat for 30 mins before & after the podcast but keep recording and here is a collection of some of the best bits that have never made it to a previous podcast.

The #ABW7

G Diddy (@GoonerGimli)

G.C (@shewore)

FK (@fkhanage)

Steve (@Lordhillwood)

Geoff (@GeoffArsenal)

Danny (@The_GFP)

We also contacted our listeners via Twitter to get some of you to come on to Skype and record a Christmas/New Year/Holidays message and there are 30+ of these from all over the world and in many different languages and they are at the end of the podcast, we would like to thank all of the following people who have helped us with the messages.

Afrikaans (South Africa) – Batmandela @invinciblog

Albanian – Albanian Gooner @TrimiRatkoceri

Arabic (Egypt) – Omar Kordy @OmarKarramKordy

Arabic (Saudi Arabia) – Ibrahim Ali ‏@goonnerr

Australia – Andrew Williams ‏@xWillbo

Brazil (Portuguese) – Hendrix @fhreire

Bristolian – James Raul Stokes @_armchairgooner

Bulgarian – Yordan Kovatchev @YordanKovatchev

Canada – Geoff Hollefreund ‏@Hollefreund

Cantonese (China) – Kay-leen-naaa @dorkly

Croatian – Anita Roza @arsenaloFka

Danish – arsenalbornholm @Arsenalbornholm

Dutch – Arsène’s Bödyguard @EvaMcL3

English & Irish – Sian & Moogie

Farsi (Iran) – Nävid ‏@navidpersia

Filipino (Phillipenes) – Hanz @HanzZapanta19

Finish – Kalle Godenhjelm ‏@KGodenhjelm

Flemish (Belgium) – Flemish Gooners @FlemishGooners

French – Nytak @nytak_

German – Marco Fuchs @maruAFC

Greek – Mario @Limpar33

Hebrew (Israel) – Bade ‏@BadeTheGooner

Hindi (India) – Aditya Garg ‏@addygunners

Hindi (India) – Ajitesh @AjiteshGooner

Icelandic – Guðni Guðjónsson ‏@gudnigudjons

Italian – Francesco Maccari @francemacca17

Kazak (Kazakstan) – YAsparröw ‏@YAsparrow

Norwegian – Christopher Hylland ‏@hyllandinho

Polish – Steve @LordHillwood

Scotland – Dyllan Munro @GoonerDyllan

Shona (Zimbabwe) – Loony Goons ‏@LoonyGoons

Spanish (El Salvador) – David Cordero Cruz (@SiEsDavid)

Swahili (Tanzania) – Lutfi Rashid ‏@CynicalPoet

Swedish – D’Arsenal ‏@FredrikDanell

Turkish – Ahmet Benli ‏@goonerahmet

Urdu (Pakistan) – A Ahad J ‏@AB_Gooner

Urdu (Pakistan) – Moh Haider @ArsenalMoh8

USA – Charles ‏@ceguice

Welsh – Taffy is a Gooner!! ‏@jasondavies71

If you are wondering why some languages are there more than once its because i forgot we had already done them and it would have been rude not to include them all, also dont give us grief if we have any of the language/country stuff mixed up.

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This podcast contains VERY strong language not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

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