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A Bergkamp Wonderland was formed in the summer of 2013 by Danny & Matt, at first it was just Danny, Matt, Steve, Geoff, Gav, FK & John. Then over the years some members left, came back and left again, in August 2019 Steve sadly passed away and in December 2019 David passed away but they would want us to just get on with it so we did but we will never forget what they did for this podcast.

Over the years we have had many many people join us and leave or go on a sabbatical like FK, Gav, John, Matt, Raj, Dom, Jason, Shredder, Andrew, Holla, Simon, Drew, Tom, Neil, Jake, Kate, Cory, Luke, Tim and lots of people who have spent ages doing blogs for us and or came on as podcast guests plus the current crop of ABW’ers Geoff, Kris, John, Josh, Karl, Ellis, Femi, Nick & Richard.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us as we hit 4 million views/listens on all platforms in February 2021.

The Podcast Team

Danny Danny @The_GFP

Geoff Geoff @GeoffArsenal

Kris Kris @AFCfreddie8

John John @JWelsh84

Karl Karl @That_London_Guy

Ellis Ellis @EllisMehl

Josh Josh @joshthehuman23

Femi Femi @femster82

Nick Nick @NickFights

Richard Richard @cactuskash

Gone But Never Forgotten

Steve 'Lord Hillwood' Whittle Steve ‘Lord Hillwood’ Whittle @LordHillwood

David David ‘Goonerholic’ Faber @TheGoonerholic

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