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This is a shop for Arsenal related stuff that friends of the podcast and the podcast have for sale.

We are not making any money from this nor getting anything for free (in fact most of the books I already own, GFP), so if you like it click on the link and support fellow Gooners with their labours of love.

Geordie Armstrong On The Wing

Author : Dave Seager (@goonerdave66).

George ‘Geordie’ Armstrong was the antithesis of the modern day football star – and yet to those who knew him, played with him, or cheered him on from the terraces – he was exactly that… a bona fide Arsenal Superstar. The overwhelming warmth and affection for ‘Geordie’, felt by everyone connected with Arsenal Football Club, is encapsulated within this stunning book, which features interviews with dozens of those who were fortunate enough to have worked with a much-loved Gunners Icon, including: Arsene Wenger, Bob Wilson, Liam Brady, Dennis Bergkamp… as well as a chapter written by the fans.

Woolwich Arsenal FC: 1893-1915

The Club That Changed Football

Authors : Mark Andrews (@RoyalArsenalMRA).

Andy Kelly (@Gooner_AK).

Tony Attwood (@UntoldArsenal).

In 1892 the professional football club Royal Arsenal FC came under attack. The enemy was a coalition of the owner of the club s ground, and a small group of men who had recently lost their places on the committee that ran Royal Arsenal. The battle between the two camps raged into 1893 and saw the most outrageous acts of bribery and corruption, combined with a vicious campaign of lies and innuendo conducted in the local newspapers.

The Crowd At Woolwich Arsenal

Author : Mark Andrews (@RoyalArsenalMRA).

The Crowd at Woolwich Arsenal FC is a truly remarkable and unique volume, filling in a significant gap in our knowledge of the early days of football. This is the third publication in a series of books on Arsenal s early years, and follows the issuing of Making the Arsenal (which follows Arsenal in 1910 through the eyes of a Fleet Street journalist) and Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football (which charts the history from its launch in 1893, until its transmogrification into The Arsenal in 1915).

Authors : James Elkin (@RArsenalmwshirts).

Simon Shakeshaft (@ShakeyMatchWorn).

The Arsenal Shirt (@TheArsenalShirt).

This beautiful coffee table book presents the visual history of one of the most recognisable shirts in the world of football, the legendary Arsenal shirt.

Compiled using stunning photographs of match worn shirts actually donned by many of the football clubs greatest players, the book presents a stunning timeline of Arsenal’s emblematic shirt. Displaying shirts from some of the biggest Arsenal match worn shirt collections in private ownership as well as those belonging to former players and staff members’, the book brings together the rarest and most iconic Arsenal shirts ever seen and includes:

● A player shirt example from virtually every one of the home and away shirt variations worn by the Gunners over the last 50 years – from the oldest known surviving Arsenal shirt, to the first red shirt with the famous white sleeves, to Charlie George’s yellow 1971 “Double” clincher and Michael Thomas’s immortal Anfield 1989 away top.
● A player shirt from every major cup final Arsenal have ever played in, including the 2014 FA Cup final.
● Shirts worn by many of The Arsenal’s greatest players including James, Bastin, Mercer, McLintock, Brady, Sansom, Rocastle, Wright, Bergkamp, Vieira and Henry.

Stuck in a Moment: The Ballad of Paul Vaessen

Author : Stewart Taylor.

It was 22nd April 1980, the eve of the European Cup-Winners’ Cup semi-final between Arsenal and Juventus in Turin and Paul Vaessen had a dream, a dream in which he came off the bench to score the winning goal. Because the dream would soon turn into a nightmare as, eight months after his exploits in northern Italy, Paul would suffer the knee injury which would eventually curtail his career at the age of twenty one. Paul was on the scrapheap.

Arsenal Book’s

I got the original list from Andy (@Gooner_AK) who got it from Brian Dawes (@Gooner48) who made it in 1999.

The original list had ISBN/ASIN numbers for every issue of the book and hardback & paperback versions but this list is for the paperback versions and only the most recent versions like “Captain of Wales By Walley Barnes” was first issued in 1953 but the latest version is 2012 which was a reprint.

Also I have only included books that were by or about Arsenal players or about Arsenal but not handbooks, annuals or fanzines. Another thing some might find annoying is I have put books that begin with ‘THE’ under ‘T’, like Tom Watt’s ‘The End’, some might hate this but I find it easier.

12-0 To The Arsenal (And A Goal In Injury Time) (1998)
By Graham Weaver ‘1840180501’

100-0: Arsenal-Spurs/Spurs-Arsenal (2014)
By Tim Glynne-Jones & Will Brooks ‘0593074572’

Addicted (1999)
By Tony Adams ‘0002187957’

Alex James : Life Of A Football Legend (1992)
By John Harding ‘0860518388’

Allison Calling : A Galaxy Of Football And Other Memories (1948)
By George Allison ‘B000T7N0EW’

Arsenal (1985)
By John Robertson ‘0600501787’

Arsenal (1988)
By Bill Day ‘0361083572’

Arsenal (2012)
By Ian Castle ‘1781767521’

Arsenal : 20 Defining Matches (2012)
By The Guardian & David Hills ‘B0091SD324’

Arsenal 125 Years In The Making : The Official Illustrated History 1886-2011 (2011)
By Phil Soar & Martin Tyler ‘060062353X’

Arsenal 1886-2010 Official History Illustrated (2010)
By Phil Soar & Martin Tyler ‘0600621871’

Arsenal 1996-97 Football Season (1996)
By Hayters Sporting Agency ‘1898718369’

Arsenal A Backpass Through History (2014)
Vy Michael O’Neill ‘0957690940’

Arsenal : A Complete Record 1886-1995 (1995)
By Fred Ollier ‘1859830110’

Arsenal : A Pictorial History (1992)
By Neal Simpson & Kevin Alcock ‘1873626266’

Arsenal All 4-1 : A Guidebook To An Historic Season Straight From Highbury’s Gooner Grapevine (2004)
By Bernard Azulay ‘1840189169’

Arsenal : An Illustrated History (1995)
By Ivan Ponting ‘1898351228’

Arsenal! Arsenal! Official Story Of The ‘Double’ 1971 (1971)
By Harry Langton ‘B002PMIX8M’

Arsenal (Famous Football Clubs) (1952)
By Brian Glanville ‘B00121XROM’

Arsenal FC – A Football Transfer Diary 1996/1997 – Wenger’s Era Begins (2013)
By Joe Broadfoot ‘1490542116’

Arsenal FC : The 25 Year Record 1972-97 (1997)
By David Powter ‘1862230064’

Arsenal FC – The 25 Year Record 1972-1997 (1998)
By John Palmer & Steve Bradley ‘1840842377’

Arsenal FC : The 1st XI Official Programme Guide 1946-93 (1993)
By Richard Lerman & Andrew Miller ‘1874799024’

Arsenal Football Book (1974)
By Reg Hayter ‘0091210003’

Arsenal Football Club : From Woolwich To Whittaker (2011)
By Brian Glanville ‘0955921171’

Arsenal Football Programme Collectors Handbook 1904-1939 ‘All Matches’
By Leonard Evans

Arsenal Football Programmes Collectors Handbook 1946-1987 ‘Away Matches’ (1987)
By Leonard Evans ‘0951269704’

Arsenal Football Programmes Collectors Handbook 1946-2006 ‘Home Matches’ (2006)
By Leonard Evans

Arsenal Football Programme Collectors Handbook ‘Pre 2nd World War’
By Leonard Evans

Arsenal From Chapman To Mee (1969)
By Ralph Finn ‘0709110685’

Arsenal From The Heart (1971)
By Bob Wall ‘B001EN2ZFA’

Arsenal Greats (1990)
By Keith Fisher ‘0859763145’

Arsenal : History & Full Record 1886-1988 (1988)
By Scott Grant & Colin White ‘B002HGU3JI’

Arsenal In The Blood : An Oral History Of The Gunners (1998)
By David Lemmon ‘1859831303’

Arsenal In The Eighties (?)
By ?

Arsenal Inside Highbury (1998)
By David Powter & Michael Robinson ‘184050000X’

Arsenal : Memories Snd Marble Halls (2000)
By David Sims ‘1862054274’

Arsenal Memorobilia Pack (1995)
By Memorabilia Pack Co ‘1899649158’

Arsenal Official Story (1997)
By David Prole ‘1858684102’

Arsenal On This Day : History, Facts And Figures From Every Day Of The Year (2010)
By Paul Donnelley ‘B00EKYFKN4’

Arsenal Player By Player (2002)
By Ivan Ponting ‘0600606856’

Arsenal Player By Player : Five Decades Of Player Profiles (2002)
By Ivan Ponting ‘0600606856’

Arsenal Pocket Annual 1994-95 A Season’s Guide (1994)
By John Jackson ‘1898351090’

Arsenal Soccer Yearbook 1998/9 (1998)
By Roger Kean ‘1840840617’

Arsenal Stadium Mystery : A Replay (2008)
By Leonard Gribble ‘0955921104’

Arsenal Stadium History : The Official Illustrated History Of Highbury Stadium – 93 Years Of Innovation, Passion And Pride (2006)
By Brian Glanville ‘0600612171’

Arsenal Supporter’s Book (2013)
By Chas Newkey-Burden ‘1780973381’

Arsenal Supporters Pack (1999)
By Carlton Books Ltd ‘1858686148’

Arsenal : The Champions Year (The Inside Story Of The Gunners 1989-90 Season) (1990)
By Harry Miller ‘1852251220’

Arsenal! The Comic Strip History (2013)
By Bob Bond ‘1909534137’

Arsenal The England Story (2014)
By Paul Peters ‘1291772553’

Arsenal : The Football Facts (2007)
By Dean Hayes ‘1844544338’

Arsenal – The French Connection : How The Arsenal Became L’Arsenal (2012)
By Fred Atkins ‘095714430X’

Arsenal, The Kings Of Cardiff : A Pictorial History Of Millennium Stadium Glory (2005)
By Josh James ‘0600614697’

Arsenal : The Making Of A Modern Superclub (2011)
By Alex Fynn & Kevin Whitcher ‘B00CF66PIS’

Arsenal : The Official Biography – The Compelling Story Of An Amazing Club (2008)
By Steve Stammers ‘0600618927’

Arsenal ‘Til I Die : The Voices Of Arsenal FC Supporters (2014)
By David Lane ‘1782550380’

Arsenal Who’s Who (1995)
By Jeff Harris & Tony Hogg ‘1899429034’

Arsène & Arsenal (2014)
By Alex Fynn & Kevin Whitcher ‘1909534250’

Arsène Wenger : The Biography (2008)
By Xavier Rivoire ‘1845133390’

Ball Of Fire Hardcover (1967)
By Alan Ball ‘B001APNJAC’

Battle of London : Arsenal Versus Tottenham Hotspur (2012)
By Rex Pardoe ‘0955921198’

Behind The Scenes In Big Football (1948)
By Leslie Knighton ‘B0007JEIJ8’

Bob Wilson : An Autobiography (1971)
By Bob Wilson ‘0720705398’

Bob Wilson – Behind The Network : My Autobiography (2004)
By Bob Wilson ‘340830336’

Captain Of Wales (2012)
By Walley Barnes ‘095592118X’

Charles Buchan : A Lifetime In Football (2010)
By Charles Buchan ‘1845966546’

Charlie : An Autobiography (1986)
By Charlie Nicholas & Ken Gallacher ‘0091638208’

Charlie Nicholas The Adventures Of Champagne Charlie (1997)
By David Stubb ‘0752224662’

Charlie George (1971)
By Jason Tomas ‘0723404534’

Cliff Bastin Remembers : The Autobiography Of Arsenal’s Greatest Outside-Left (2010)
By Cliff Bastin & Brian Glanville ‘0955921147’

David O’Leary : My Story (1988)
By David O’Leary & Harry Miller ‘1851581464’

David Seaman (Heroes) (1998)
By Philip Dodd ‘0002188201’

Denis Compton : Our Greatest All-Round Sportsman (1940)
By John Allen ‘B006LMAASI’

Determined To Win (1966)
By George Eastham ‘B0007JG2WE’

Double Champions Playing The Arsenal Way (1971)
By Jon Sammels & Robert Oxby ‘0213004658’

England’s Hero : A Tribute To David Seaman (1997)
By Paul Elliot ‘1840180145’

Fabulous Arsenal Quiz Book (1981)
By Maurice Kinn ‘090556801’

Famous Football Clubs : Arsenal (1952)
By Brian Glanville ‘B00121XROM’

Fan for All Season – Diary Of An Arsenal Supporter (1999)
By Laurence Marks ‘0316849456’

Fever Pitch : A Fan’s Life (1996)
By Nick Hornby ‘0575400153’

Football Ambassador: The Autobiography Of An Arsenal Legend (2009)
By Eddie Hapgood ‘0955921120’

Football Club Manager (1967)
By Alec Stock & Bryan Butler ‘0710028733’
*Alec Stock was Arsenal assistant manager for 53 days during 1955–56*

Football Family Trees : Arsenal 1946-98 (1998)
By Andrew Pringle ‘1902548019’

Football Is My Business (1946)
By Tommy Lawton ‘B0007JEOMO’

Football With A Smile : Authorised Biography Of Joe Mercer (1993)
By Gary James ‘0951486292’

Forward Arsenal! (2009)
By Bernard Joy ‘0955921112’

George Graham : The Wonder Years (1995)
By Jeff King & Tony Willis ‘0863698077’

Glory & The Grief : Life Of George Graham (1996)
By George Graham ‘0233990143’

Going Great Guns : Arsenal From The Inside 1986-87 (1987)
By Kenny Sansom ‘0356150542’

Green Gunners : Arsenal’s Irish (1991)
By Stephen McGarrigle ‘1851584420’

Gunners Genius (1996)
By John Cross, Tony McDonald & Danny Francis ‘B001A4C68O’

Gunners On Target : A Record Of Arsenal Football Club (1961)
By Geoffrey Mowbray ‘B00177VOVO’

Gunning For Glory! Full Story Of Arsenal’s Victorious 93-94 Season (1994)
By David Emery ‘067171368X’

Gunning For The Double : The Story Of Arsenal’s 1997-98 Season (1998)
By Kevin Whitcher ‘095333340X’

Herbert Chapman, Football Emperor : A Study In The Origins Of Modern Soccer (1998)
By Stephen Studd ‘028563416X’

Herbert Chapman On Football (2011)
By John Graves ‘B00CXXIFFO’

Herbert Chapman On Football : The Reflections Of Arsenal’s Greatest Manager (2010)
By Herbert Chapman ‘0955921139’

Herbert Chapman : The First Great Manager Paperback (2006)
By Simon Page ‘0954388453’

Heroes & Villans : The Inside Story Of The 1990-91 Season At Arsenal & Spurs (1991)
By Alex Fynn & Lynton Guest ‘0140147691’

Highbury Encyclopaedia : A-Z Of Arsenal FC (1994)
By Stephen Kelly ‘1851586598’

Highbury : The Story Of Arsenal In N.5 (2014)
By Jon Spurling ‘1409153061’

How Not To Be A Professional Footballer (2012)
By Paul Merson ‘0007424973’

Ian Wright Autobiography (1999)
By Ian Wright ‘0854932496’

Inside Soccer (1985)
By Tony Woodcock & Peter Ball ‘0356100790’

Inside Story Of Football (1938)
By George Allison ‘B000W6M4Z6’

Inside Wright : My World In Pictures (1994)
By Ian Wright ‘0340587865’

Into Extra Time (2002)
By Alan Hudson ‘1861052405’

Invincible: Inside Arsenal’s Unbeaten 2003-2004 Season (2014)
By Amy Lawrence ‘024100456X’

It’s All About A Ball : An Autobiography (1978)
By Alan Ball ‘0491022042’

Jack Wilshere – Arsenal DNA (2013)
By Joe Jacobs ‘1843587580’

Joe Mercer, OBE : Football With A Smile – The Authorised Biography (2010)
By Gary James ‘0955812747’

Let’s Talk About… Arsenal Football Club (1946)
By Tom Morgan ‘?’

Life Of Brian (1990)
By Brian Marwood & Brian Woolnough ‘185158367X’

Life In The Beautiful Game (2009)
By Bob Wilson ‘1906850038’

Making The Arsenal (2009)
By Tony Attwood ‘186083759X’

Malcolm MacDonald : An Autobiography (1983)
By Malcolm MacDonald & Jason Tomas ‘0213168790’

More Than A Match : A Player’s Story (1993)
By Lee Chapman ‘0099228319’

Mr. Wright : The Explosive Autobiography Of Ian Wright (1997)
By Ian Wright & Paul McCarthy ‘0002187272’

My Twenty Years Of Soccer (1955)
By Tommy Lawton ‘B0007JENCK’

Nearly Invisibles To Almost Invincibles : Arsenal FC 1996-1998 : How Wenger’s First ‘Double’ Was Won (2013)
By Joe Broadfoot ‘1490584382’

Never Afraid To Miss (1980)
By Malcolm MacDonald & Brian Woolnough ‘0314306398’

Official Arsenal Fans Guide (1997)
By Keir Radnedge ‘1858684102’

Official Story Of Arsenal’s Double Year (1998)
By Kevin Connolly ‘0747275440’

Over The Bar : Memories Of My Career With Arsenal FC And Wales (2011)
By Jack Kelsey & Brian Glanville ‘0955921163’

Passion For The Game : Real Lives In Football (1995)
By Tom Watt ‘1851587144’

Pat Jennings : An Autobiography (1983)
By Pat Jennings & Reg Drury ‘0002180693’

Pride Of North London : Definitive History Of Arsenal – Tottenham Derby Matches (1997)
By Bob Goodwin ‘1899538046’

Proud To Say That Name : The Marble Hall Of Fame (1997)
By Amy Lawrence ‘1840182466’

Ray Of Hope : The Ray Kennedy Story (1973)
By Ray Kennedy & Andrew Lees ‘0720720192’

Real Lives Sport – Arsenal (1997)
By Peter Leigh & Mike Wilson ‘034070103X’

Rebels For The Cause : The Alternative History Of Arsenal Football Club (2004)
By Jon Spurling ‘1840189002’

Red Letter Days : Fourteen Dramatic Events That Shook Arsenal (2014)
By Jon Spurling ‘1909626392’

Revelations Of A Football Manager (1985)
By Terry Neill ‘0283992220’

Rock Bottom (1996)
By Paul Merson & Harry Harris ‘0747526435’

So Far So Good… A Decade In Football (1981)
By Liam Brady ‘0091417902’

So Paddy Got Up – An Arsenal Anthology (2011)
By Andrew Mangan ‘B00AS9K81E’

Soccer (1934)
By David Jack ‘B001UETGNC’

Soccer From The Shoulder (1960)
By Tommy Docherty ‘B0000CKU6Z’

Steaming In : Journal Of A Football Fan (1998)
By Colin Ward ‘0671853651’

Stillness And Speed : My Story (2014)
By Dennis Bergkamp ‘1471129535’

That’s The Way The Ball Bounces (1969)
By Frank McKlintock & Terry MacNeill ‘072070149X’

The Arsenal And Other Poems (2014)
By Mark Hamilton ‘B00KGYSFE8’

The Arsenal Companion : Gunners Annecdotes, History, Trivia, Facts And Figures (2008)
By Paul Donnelley ‘1905411359’

The Arsenal Miscellany (2012)
By Adam Gold ‘1907637680’

The Arsenal Shirt : The History Of The Iconic Gunners Strip Through Match Worn Shirts (2014)
By James Elkin & Simon Shakeshaft ‘1909534269’

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1950)
By Leonard Gribble ‘B005WRZG0K’

The Arsenal Story (1972)
By Deryk Brown ‘0213164124’

The Best Ever Book of Arsenal Jokes (2012)
By Mark Geoffrey Young ‘1478331666’

The Crowd At Woolwich Arsenal (2012)
By Mark Andrews ‘1860838804’

The End : 80 Years Of Life On Arsenal’s North Bank (1995)
By Tom Watt ‘1851587934’

The First Gunners : Arsenal From Plumstead To Highbury (2008)
By Brian Belton ‘1906015279’

The Great Divide (2001)
By Alex Fynn & Olivia Blair ‘0233050019’

The Great Ones (1966)
By Joe Mercer ‘B0007JFSJ2’

The Great Derby Matches : Arsenal v Tottenham (1996)
By Michael Heatley & Ian Welch ‘0711023875’

The Gunners : Day-To-Day Life At Highbury (1998)
By Richard Lerman & David Brown ‘1840180390’

The Heyday Of The Football Annual (2014)
By Ian Preece ‘1472114949’

The Life And Times Of Herbert Chapman : The Story Of One Of Football’s Most Influential Figures (2014)
By Patrick Barclay ‘0297868500’

The Little Book Of Arsenal (Little Book Of Football) (2010)
By Nick Callow & Neil Martin ‘1847326803’

The Official Arsenal Encyclopedia : A Comprehensive A-Z Of London’s Most Successful Club (2008)
By Jem Maidment ‘0600618889’

The Official Arsenal Opus (2011)
By Sue Mott, Alan Smith, David Miller & Arsene Wenger ‘B004K1EZTC’

The Official Illustrated History Of Arsenal 1886-2008 (2008)
By Phil Soar & Martin Tyler ‘0600618897’

The Real Arsenal : From Chapman To Wenger – The Unofficial Story (2009)
By Brian Glanville ‘1906779406’

The Story Of Arsenal (1981)
By Anton Rippon ‘0861900235’

The Wright Stuff : An Unauthorised Biography Of Ian Wright (1996)
By Rick Glanville ‘0753500760’

Thierry Henry (2012)
By Philippe Auclair ‘0230757995’

Together: The Story Of Arsenal’s Unbeaten Season (2014)
By Andrew Mangan & Andrew Allen ‘B00KG8144W’

Tom Whittaker’s Arsenal Story (1958)
By Tom Whittaker & Roy Peskett ‘B000T2DZEW’

Ure’s Truly (1968)
By Ian Ure ‘0720702100’

Viv Anderson (1988)
By Andrew Longmore ‘0434981532’

Wembley 1927 : The Cardiff-Arsenal FA Cup Final (1989)
By Derrick Jenkins & Ceri Stennett ‘B001OQ3VJ6’

When Football Was Football : Arsenal : A Nostalgic Look At A Century Of The Club (2009)
By Paul Joseph ‘1844259471’

When The Cheering Stopped : The Rise, The Fall (1973)
By Tommy Lawton ‘090148217X’

Win! (1977)
By Malcolm MacDonald ‘0720710146’

Woolwich Arsenal FC : 1893-1915 The Club That Changed Football (2012)
By Tony Attwood, Andy Kelly & Mark Andrews ‘1860837875’

Working Man’s Ballet (1997)
By Alan Hudson ‘1861051042’

I am constantly updating this list and I must say how shocked I am at the amount of shit that gets published!