032 – Winter Transfer Window Deadline Day (Parts 1 to 4) (31st January 2014)

We had planned to do 5 podcasts today but after what some would say was a disappointing transfer deadline day we stopped at 4 when it became very obvious that we would not be buying anyone.

Host – Gimli (@GoonerGimli)

Button Monkey – Danny (@The_GFP)

Guests – Podcast Part 1
FK (@fkhanage)
Geoff (@geoffarsenal)
John (@nytak_)
Kris (@AFCfreddie8)

Guests – Podcast Part 2
Raj (@rajpatel1809)
Pedro (@LeGrove)
Tim Payton (@timpayton)

Guests – Podcast Part 3
Eva (@evamcl3)
Daniel Cowan (@thedanielcowan)
Aaron Savage (@thesavagegooner)
Geoff Hollefreund (@Hollefreund) #TheOtherGeoff

Guest – Podcast Part 4
Steve (@Lordhillwood)

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This podcast contains some strong language but is still not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

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