The Football Fan

By Dave Hillier (@davehillierr)

The definition of a Masochist according to Webster’s dictionary: One who takes pleasure in being abused or dominated; a taste for suffering. If you take that definition and apply it to football, there is only one (not wanting to start a new football chant or anything) sporting masochist and that is the loyal football supporter.

The diehard, rain soaked, piss taken out of, scarf clad, claxon wielding, empty wallet fan. The one who puts his team before wife and kids, his beloved dog and quite often Saturday afternoon fun doing something else, but why?

Belief! Belief that your song, your voice, your £92 for a ticket (that’s what I paid for AFC v MCFC) can make a difference. And if it does – you get bragging rights down at the pub. You get to be listened to when the ball comes out in the office. Your opinions matter.

Then you lose three in a row, drop out of the conversation and the feeling at five to three on Saturday is no longer a gentle buzz in your throat and a warm feeling in your heart – It’s a nerve wrenching sickness.

It’s a pulsating, throbbing ache in your shoulders – tightening every minute your team doesn’t perform to their best. Yes! It’s YOUR TEAM – you are part of them, you feel their pain. The pain of each misdirected pass by each player, eleven times over the disappointment of every player streams through you; but you still believe. You still sing, shout, hope, curse and the ‘fat lady’ is not singing yet.

Then it happens, that spherical piece of leather that men chase and kick crosses the white line and ripples the back of the enemies net………joy, euphoria and pain! Good pain, the pain of relief, of exultation, of bragging rights returning, of the hope, belief and faith that you gave being justified. You did it! Your support made the difference, your screams, your fight, your ability to withstand pain, and at the very end – get pleasure!

Like I said in the beginning; the definition of a Masochist is…


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