Van Basten? Zidane? Pah!

By Jokman (@JokmanAFC)

I think by now it’s safe to say that most Gooners have seen & had the video etched into their memory banks. Most non-Arsenal fans have seen & begrudgingly conceded the genius that is ensconced within each genius stroke & touch of the ball. Even Alan Hansen, the guy who makes the Grinch look like a Salvation Army volunteer, admitted that the goal had a touch of the mercurial about it.

How good is this goal when the least spoke about aspect of the move itself is the finish? The culmination of the move, whilst emphatic, well-aimed & clinical, pales into insignificance when compared to the flick from Olly. No, not a flick. The word flick brings about images of an involuntary movement, something not genuine, not genius. That won’t do. It wasn’t a flick, it was a loving brush, a tender sweep.image

Fuck it, I can’t find an adjective.

Can you honestly recall a goal that had you moist to the touch since the Bergkamp pirouette? ( The moist part may just be me, but I doubt it ).

What about Jacks touch to Olly? Why am I dissecting this goal like an enthusiastic autopsy surgeon? Because it’s partly through anger. Like a furious wank. When a particularly nice & well maintained passage of play or possession take splace, pundits instantly compare it to Barcelona. Fucking bastard tiki-taka. When Tony Cascarino is familiar with this term, it robs it of any cosmopolitan, hipster points. My point though, is that Barcelona were not the pioneers of modern day triangular passing phases or continuous one-touch passing. We started that shit. Well, since 98 anyway. From 98 to 2005-ish, I can’t recall a team that consistently had rivals gasping in admiration. Y’know why? That was us that was.

Barca didn’t have anything on us. I’m not ignorant enough to think they then copied us. No, they took a similar blueprint & improved it. However, we have played the superior football in the Premier League since Wenger took charge. It hasn’t changed. I can’t think of any team that has challenged this. Chelski with Oscar, Mata & Hazard last season under Benitez were impressive, Utd for a few seasons were effective. Spurs have always been dire. Citeh with Silva, Yaya & Aguero always are pleasing on the eye, well, at least until they bring on Mr Cardboard James Milner. But none have got their fingers on our slick crown.

Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve gladly swapped a twenty-pass move for a Cup win, especially during the lean years, but it’s a claim, it’s a lure for future Arsenal players, if you join us you will play the right way.

Anywho, back on track. Our goal was fucking epic. Post it on Twitter endlessly, Share it with people who insist andros Townsend is the new messiah. Rub it in peoples faces. We are back. Fuck the tiki-taka, we’re the New/Old Barcelona/Arsenal.

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