100 – Our 100th Podcast LIVE! (19th March 2015)

Gimli (@GoonerGimli) is wearing a sparkly crown and is happy as a bear in honey for this very special occasion and he is joined by :

Kate (@GoonerGirlKate).

Jason (@jasondavies71).

Kris (@AFCfreddie8).

Danny (@The_GFP).

This is the live YouTube broadcast from the start.

The extras which are not on the YouTube version start at 2 hours 27 mins if you listened live.

In the rush to download the live YouTube show, add the start & end music, add the 15 mins of extras i forgot to add the extra bits that Dom, Other Geoff, Raj & Other Jason did so here they are, give it a listen to make them feel loved.

Problems using either of the two media players, try these :

Click here to listen to in a new window
Click here to listen via iTunes
Click here to listen via our YouTube channel
Right Click Here then “Save link as” for .mp3

It is our 100th podcast, yes, so what, one day we will all be dead.

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