Just Czech-ing!

By Chloe (@ChloeTheGeek)

So this is it, my very first blog and I am lucky enough to be writing it for @TheAFCPodcast! I had to find something suitable, I mean my suggestion of ‘110 things to fire at Samir Nasri from close-range’ was a great idea, just not first-blog material… Also I had to consider the response id get from animal lovers when I had a Polar Bear at #3 on my list.

As we all know, the season has kicked off and as a Gooner we were all fearing the worst as Christian Benteke (you know, the guy who handed in the transfer request only to sign a contract extension the following week for a little bit extra in the pocket…) tore us a new one, with a couple of cheeky assists from the ref.

Firstly – I totally agree that the ref had a shocker. You will probably find that ref’s for the Worcestershire U11’s league would find that performance offensive and embarrassing. We have a right to moan about the lack of transfer activity following that result. But I think there are more important matters at hand, matters evolving in our beloved midfield where we have witnessed such greats as Pires, Cesc, Petit, Vieira, Gilberto, Rocastle, Ljungberg …. Denilson.

Okay, you got the idea then I ruined it…

Every season, we hear the commentators on our televisions or the fat bald guy in the queue for the overpriced hot-dog that tastes like a warm sock saying “this is so-and-so’s season…” – maybe it’s time we look at that? England fans have already placed a huge weight on Jack, is it his season? No, I don’t think so. Of-course he will be fantastic, like any future captain of Arsenal will be. And we will all have our own individual opinions of the ‘breakthrough’ players. Frimpong? Zelalem? Gnabry? Eisfeld? Jenkinson?

How can we overlook Rambo, he has been outstanding so far. Like many great midfielders of the past he plays for the crest, he wants to earn his shirt. And sure, he has been touch-and go since that horrific injury – I know a number of people gave up hope. But every single game, you will see the lad churn out 200% for the team.

But that’s not my answer. I have spent many hours debating who will be ‘the player’ to watch this season, the one who will breakthrough and establish themselves as a hero in the clock-end. And for me, it’s the turn of our own little Czech – Tomas Rosicky.

Say what you like about his injury-prone career, but on his day Rosicky is unplayable. His passing so far this season has sent shudders down my spine, it’s almost like watching a pocket-sized Bergkamp, effortlessly stroking the ball around opponents as if they are statues. He came to us, with a lot of hype and we have seen glimpses of it throughout his time, but nothing consistent because of the injuries. He was just a number to most of us four seasons ago. My opinion – if we keep this man fit, he could be a vital cog in the well-oiled Arsenal midfield, and he is due his day of adulation from the stands. Watching him play alongside Rambo and Cazorla this season has been spectacular, and we are only a few games in!

So, that wraps up my first random outburst for the blog. Hopefully the guys at the podcast will realise my potential and keep me writing these bad boys, either that or I will have to bribe them all with sexual favours.

As always – get your comments in, who do you think will come bursting onto the stage this season?

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