010 – The Transfers Deadline Day Podathon *All 11 Parts (2nd September 2013)

This is the ‘Podathon’ all 11 podcasts edited into one three hour long podcast.

Lord Gimli @GoonerGimli & Danny @The_GFP are joined by these fine people for the 11 podcasts :

Kate (@GoonerGirlKate)
Amanda (@GoonerGirl1969)
Geoff (@GeoffArsenal)
Tim Payton (@timpayton)
Andrew (@PR_WhoRu)
Dean (@18DialSquare86)
Steve (@LordHillwood)
Oliver Price-Bates (@OliPriceBates)
Adrian Clarke (@adrianjclarke)
Michael (@YouAreMyArsenal)
Le Grove (@LeGrove)
P.I.M.P (@PoznanInMyPants)
Jimmy Carter (@thecartz)
David O’Leary (@MediaBSM)
FK (@fkhanage)
Raj (@rajpatel1809)
Andrew (@arseblog)
Dave Hillier (@davehillierr)
Will (@LittleWillAFC)
James ‘Raul’ Stokes (@JamesRaulStokes)
Samuel (@samuelj29060)
G.C (@SheWore)
Andy (@yorkshiregunner)

Click here for the individual 11 podcasts

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This podcast contains VERY explicit language not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

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