Super Nicklas Bendtner?

By Highbury Fin (@HighburyFin)

Ever since 11pm on 2nd September, when I found out we weren’t signing another striker to be Giroud’s backup, I’ve been exited to see The Great Dane return for Arsenal – B52 himself, Nicklas Bendtner.

Yes, I’m sure you’ll all wondering why my opinion differs to 99% of all other Arsenal fans, who never wanted to see him wear the famous red and white (or yellow and blue) again. Yes he’s an idiotic, money grabbing, drinking, self-loving, vain moron; however, on the pitch he has certainly delivered over the years.

May I remind you of his importance to us over the years:

• Our opener in the Camp Nou vs Barcelona
• Last minute winner vs Wolves
• Winner vs Ipswich in the Carling Cup semi final
• Winning goal vs Spurs with his first touch.

There’s no doubting that there’s talent there, he just needs to reignite the form that got him more goals than Van Persie at Euro 2012 and all of those others over the years.

Another thing, as Arsenal’s longest serving player, he’s an experienced head who’s played in international tournaments. He also has been with us long enough to know what out fans do/don’t like. One of those things he knows we don’t like is Spurs and having scored in two North London Derbies, I’m sure he wants that sucess again.

Imagine, it’s 1-1 at the lane with 5 minutes to go and we get a corner…

Last night saw Bendtner’s return for Arsenal against West Brom with a dodgy haircut, a new number and a fantastic beard. Considering he was significantly out of shape and with a lot of pressure on him, he did well. He held the ball up as well as always looking to make runs in behind. He fantastically set up Eisfeld for our opener and sent the keeper the wrong way in the shoot out.

He did fluff up a one-on-one which could have won us the game. However, as stupid as it may sound, I think he missed due to the fact that he was nervous and cared. If he didn’t care he’d have no nerves and would have scored. He’s coming to terms with the fact that Arsenal made him who he is (not who he thought he was) and is becoming grateful.

His reaction to the winning penalty was absolute extacy and looked like someone who really cared.

After the game, those of you who follow Bendtner on Instagram will know that he wrote a paragraph to the fans (along with a picture if him looking like sex-offending version of Harry Potter) highlighting the fact that he’s grateful to be back and that when he heard his song “his heart skipped a beat”. The signs are there that he really is sorry and wants to forget the past and move on.

Could his number change (from the #52 that caused a stir) show that he wants to forget his past? Only he knows. But what we do know is that he’s back and could be here to stay. I think it’s too early to say if he warrants a new contract, however, if he knuckles down and scores some goals I don’t see which he doesn’t get one (on a much lower salary).

Thanks for reading and I hope he proves me right! Up the Arsenal!

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