025 – It’s No Busmen’s Holiday In Napoli & FK’s Rock Lobsters (12th December 2013)

G Diddy (@GoonerGimli) the man who turned down a chance to drive for Ferrari F1 in 1994 is joined by :

FK (@fkhanage). Nursing a sore throat but still giving his all for club & podcast.

Steve (@Lordhillwood). Coughing up bits of lung during the podcast but still carrying on like a trooper.
From : Lord Hillwood

Phil Wall (@AngryOfN5 ). The blogging legend is finally on the show and making his #ABW podcast debut.
From : Angry Of Islington

Danny (@The_GFP). Is too fat to fit in the MRI machine.
From : The Highbury Inn

First up is a round up of the news headlines quickly followed by a results round up of the youths & ladies, next we talk about the Everton draw and the loss away to Napoli but we are not on a downer about either result and try to find the positives.

Next we chat about the Champions League and who we might get in the next round and go through the possibilities. FK & Phil then talk about the recent drinks event at the club where they got to mingle with the people at the top of the club.

Then we go on to talk about the “Vieira & Keane” documentary (I know I have changed the names around) which then goes on to be a chat about hard players, the best manager & Vieira’s transfer away from the club.

Next up questions from Twitter & Facebook followed by predictions and shout outs.

Links to things we mentioned in the podcast :

The link to the physio article on Abou Diaby
Abou Diaby

The link to the Keane and Viera: Best of Enemies documentary
Keane and Viera: Best of Enemies

If you are outside of the UK and the site is blocked put the ITV Sport url into this and try it like that
Hide My Ass

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This podcast contains strong language not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

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