139 – Southampton & Tickets (4th February 2016)

Gimli (@GoonerGimli) has been looking at a new merkin with all this puppy money and is joined by :

David (@TheGoonerholic)
Geoff (@GeoffArsenal)
Kris (@AFCfreddie8)
Danny (@The_GFP)

If you fast forward to 1hr 25m 11s you will hear little Gimli having a chat with Alfie Scully (@alfiewscully) from “We Are The Ocean” (@wearetheocean) where they are talking about their latest single ‘Hey Now’ and his love of Arsenal, here is the video of them preforming live at the BBC’s Live Lounge that Alfie mentioned to Gimli in the interview, hope you like it.

A quick thanks to Shoot Music (@ShootMusic) for their help in arranging this interview, you can get them here Shoot Music.

P.S We have permission from Alfie to play this song at the end of the interview.

Problems using either of the two media players, try these :

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Oh, look, we failed to get anything from Southampton even though we steal their best players, how odd.

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